The Hammers Company offers a hands-on, comprehensive 3-day training course on the core features and capabilities of our Galaxy® telemetry, command, and simulation system.  Students are introduced to Galaxy capabilities, setup and configuration, STOL scripting, telemetry and command definition, display definition, closed-loop simulation, fleet control, and many other tools and features.  Each student has the opportunity to operate ITOS with inputs they’ve developed during the class.

The typical course agenda covers the following topics but can be modified as needed to focus on additional topics or delve more deeply into existing topics.  Training is available in our demonstration and training facility in Greenbelt, MD, or at a customer facility.

Typical ITOS/Galaxy® Training Agenda:

Day 1 morning:

  • Galaxy capabilities
  • Galaxy configuration
  • STOL scripting
  • Events

Day 1 afternoon:

  • Record language & mnemonics
  • Displays

Day 2 morning:

  • Telemetry definition
  • Telemetry simulation
  • Telemetry archive & playback

Day 2 afternoon:

  • Telecommand
  • CCSDS fundamentals
  • Telemetry processing overview
  • Advanced Record language
  • Graphs
  • Closed-loop simulation

Day 3 morning:

  • Fleet control
  • Schedule executor
  • SLE
  • CFDP
  • SCPI device control

Day 3 afternoon:

  • Other interfaces
  • Test framework
  • Miscellaneous topics
  • Conclusion