Stars is a robust multi-satellite data access and analysis system. With Stars, users can access spacecraft data from a cloud-based system or strictly within the operations center domain, and quickly define data sets, time periods, and trending analyses of mission data. Stars is designed for use across multiple missions, but can just as easily support a single spacecraft.

Stars’ features include:

  • Semiautomatic ingest of raw telemetry archives for multiple missions
  • Web-based access to archived telemetry for query
  • Web service server, which can be located on a LAN and/or cloud services
  • Mission life data archive storage
  • User management and authentication
  • Computation and archiving of statistical data including min, max, mean, standard deviation, number of points, rate of change, and variance
  • Lifetime trending (statistically reduced data over mission life)
  • API access to raw and statistical data
  • Ingest and archive of events, including orbital events, operational timeline events, and log messages
  • Time-based and event-based queries via HTTP API and web portal

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