Satellite Embedded Applications Development and Ground Software Systems Development

Graduating soon? Just graduated?

Bored with your current software position?

Considering a software career in Aerospace?

Bring your talents, interests, and enthusiasm, and we’ll provide you the challenges, excitement, and opportunities in an exciting software engineering world.

You will be developing and maintaining real-time embedded spacecraft flight systems, spacecraft command and telemetry systems, and spacecraft dynamic simulations. We provide our customers at NASA, NRL, JPL, USGS and throughout the industry, with the latest software expertise for the next generation large explorer satellites, CubeSats, fleets, swarms, and science instruments.

We offer both commercial software products and software engineering expertise teamed on several Government programs to develop leading edge aerospace systems.

Some specific employment opportunities include openings in the following areas:

Satellite-embedded flight software applications development and maintenance for spacecraft guidance, navigation, and control; command and data handling; and science processing

Come and work with the latest real-time operating systems and advanced embedded processors to advance scientific exploration and U.S. leadership in space.

Satellite ground software systems development and maintenance

Our web-capable software tools include satellite mission control systems, data-driven automation systems, big data analysis, and collaborative team planning software.

We have openings at all experience levels.

The Hammers Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering excellent employee benefits and competitive salary commensurate with level of experience.

All positions require proof of U.S. Citizenship.

Send resume to:the Hammers Company, Inc
7500 Greenway Center Drive
Suite 1500
Greenbelt, Maryland 2077