Flight Performance Engineer

The Hammers Company is seeking a Flight Performance Engineer for our Wallops Flight Facility location. The Flight Performance Engineer will be responsible for technical design and development, internal and external customer design reviews, and technical documentation.

The Flight Performance Engineer will also be responsible for the following:

  • Perform calculations to determine rocket trajectories and flight worthiness.
  • Perform Monte Carlo computational dispersion analyses.
  • Serve as Flight Performance Engineer for sounding rocket missions throughout the mission lifecycle.
  • Apply comprehensive knowledge of engineering concepts, procedures and practices to complex problems.
  • Document the results of complex analysis and design tasks.
  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and analyze new and advanced projects; think conceptually; design and develop plans, processes, procedures, function and data requirements and analysis; perform complex system analysis; and prepare documentation for complex systems.
  • Manage and participate in engineering problem resolution and system specification/design modifications.
  • Participate in technical design/modification negotiations with customers.
  • Brief customers on technical development projects.
  • Develop mathematical and statistical models for improving data accuracy and monitoring the uncertainties in derived parameters.
  • Perform post-flight data reduction, analysis and evaluation for presentation to the customer.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned and/or required.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Ability to evaluate vehicle configuration data to determine flight worthiness in terms of vehicle performance, flight dynamics, fluid mechanics, structural integrity, thermodynamics, and vehicle propulsion.
  • Analytical skills to support studies of vehicle trajectory, performance, structural and mass properties, and stability characteristics.
  • Organizational and computer skills needed to establish, implement and maintain vehicle archiving data systems.
  • Understanding of sensor operation and capabilities with ability to analyze previous mission data to assess past performance and recommend changes to enhance performance or sensors on future missions.
  • Understanding of coordinate transformations.
  • Knowledge of aerospace/electrical/mechanical engineering disciplines.
  • Experience with flight hardware and/or sounding rocket launch vehicles.
  • Knowledge and experience in application of probability and statistics to engineering problems.
  • Must have knowledge, experience, and programming ability in MATLAB.

Basic Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Physics, or a related degree in engineering or physical sciences is required.