core Flight System (cFS) Database for Galaxy Released

core Flight System (cFS) Database for Galaxy Released

Hammers is pleased to announce that we have provided to NASA/GSFC an initial version of Galaxy telemetry and command (T&C) definitions for NASA’s core Flight System (cFS) open-source flight software suite. This T&C “database” will be incorporated into future releases of both the cFS and Galaxy, as well as GSFC’s ITOS.

This database has been crafted using advanced features of Galaxy’s Record language:

Telemetry and command definitions for each cFS application (and cFE service) are collected in a prototype System providing for:

  • intuitive, hierarchical telemetry and command names
  • flexibility in assembling a complete, project-specific database
  • project-specific base prototype definitions for telemetry and command packets
  • easy overrides to customize provided prototypes
  • the ability to define multiple spacecraft and multiple cFS instances per spacecraft

Command verifiers are included in each command definition:

  • Every command inherits the accepted-by-application (command counter) verifier for the application.
  • Where possible, command definitions have (or will have, in future updates) defined expressions to verify command execution.


The cFS database is included with Galaxy as part of a complete example under the “examples” directory. Run the provided the STOL procedure “cfsgo” to start a closed-loop simulation of the cFS in your copy of Galaxy. To go further, expand the scripted command responses beyond the few examples already provided.