Galaxy Release 8.19.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of Galaxy Release 8.19.0. This release contains the following new features along with some bug fixes:

  • Modified itos_report_status to be able to trigger packet generation based on receipt of a mnemonic value in addition to a time interval.
  • Added a defaultAddress property to CommandPacket records to support assigning a default set of address properties to a command.
  • Added documentation for the namespace option to the CFGMON directive.
  • Added the ability for itos_report_status to populate a mnemonic with the current socket state via the --cnxion-state-mnem command line argument.
  • Updated the Schedule Executor application support usage within a context. Replaced the mechanism for holding the configuration of the application. This will require user re-configuration.
  • Updated rec2dbx converter to:
    • display a warning message when a value is automatically changed due to invalid characters
    • output documentation associated with ALG records